Application Performance Monitoring

Gain unprecedented control of performance and availability of your software landscape. Atlastix APM detects and diagnoses complex application performance problems helping you maintain exceptional levels of service.

Every Single Data Source. One Place to Analyse.

Anomaly Detection

Detect anomalous behaviour across billions of daily events.

Know your seasonal performance baselines and rapidly identify outliers that warn of upcoming problem areas. Model your value chain and protect against revenue and brand damage.

Distributed Tracing

Bring transactions together with a distributed trace and get a clear view of how your services are interacting. Find where latency issues are arising in the path and then pinpoint the components that need optimizing.

Automated Alerting

Our dashboards are beautiful but there's no need to stare at them all day.  Configure automated alerts for the good, the bad, and the ugly. Have them sent to your slack channel, service management platform, your email, or your phone if need be.

Granular Search

Identify bottlenecks and zero in on problematic changes at the code level. As a result, you get better, more efficient code that leads to a speedier develop-test-deploy loop, faster applications, and better customer experiences.

Anomaly Detection made simple

AI Driven Operational Intelligence.

Ingest from every device and every platform
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