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Seamless Reporting with ServiceView

Centralise your silo'd sets of data
Share impactful dashboard insights
Delight your stakeholders with pixel perfect native Word & Powerpoint reports

Every Single Data Source. Seamlessly flowing into your monthly reports.


Pixel Perfect Reports

Break the shackles of your old systems that produce ugly, generic PDFs that your customers send to trash. Align your monthly reports with your brand, design stunningly beautiful documents that delight your customers.

Real-time Dashboards that drive fast decisions

Choose from dozens of pre-built service provider dashboards and customise your own to tell your unique story. Share insights and drive decisions that grow your business.

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Centralise, Transform & Automate

Ingest from every chosen source internal and external to your organisation. With all data in one place, you can finally gain centralised visibility and control.

Native Microsoft Word & Powerpoint formats

Finally there's a service-provider solution that delivers Microsoft Word & PowerPoint native reports at scale. Fully automate document generation from dozens of systems. Tailor with meaningful commentary that drives customer engagement and retention.


Structured & Unstructured data ingest

Your data is siloed across systems in all manner of formats. Easily ingest from ticketing systems, call systems, monitoring platforms, backup log stores, on premise system metrics, web applications, public cloud billing APIs and more.

Parse and Transform

Now you can parse and transform on the fly, normalising and converging data centrally in a way that accelerates search, analysis, machine learning, and business insights. Finally tell your customers their story in a format they enjoy consuming.


Store Everything

No longer panic about the enormous ingest costs charged by legacy vendors. The key to enterprise visibility is having insightful access to all data in a searchable format. Study long term trends, make better decisions, drive unprecedented customer retention.

Take the Right Action at the Right Time

Leverage your data in real-time to avoid SLA breaches, spot trends, and make changes so the data that arrives in your monthly reports not only looks beautiful, but also exceeds every SLA and KPI.

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Save 1000's of man days with automation

Say goodbye to the days of your best engineers wasting days and weeks manually gathering and building monthly reports. Automate pixel perfect editable reports with data from every system - done in minutes.

Advanced Monitoring 

Find the needle in the haystack 

Ingest from every device and every platform
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