Metrics Analysis 

From drone sensor data to CPU usage, Atlastix will ingest and deliver the insights you need. Whether you're monitoring docker containers, data centers, fleets of vehicles, or global cloud infrastructure, we have you covered.

Every Single Data Source. One Place to Analyse.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor every single device, every service, and every application from top of stack to bottom. Verify outages from multiple angles. Learn your baseline performance and be alerted to anomalies before customers are impacted.

Container Monitoring

Monitor the performance of your microservice containers across every environment you manage. Leverage machine learning to spot anomalies and fix issues before they become outages.

Uptime Monitoring

Move beyond simple ping tests and measure the true uptime at every critical point in your enterprise value chain. Map your measures of uptime to vendor and customer SLA metrics for unprecedented service management visibility.

IOT Monitoring

Gain full insights into your entire IOT ecosystems, from the device back through gateways, API’s, app, and down through the supporting cloud and infrastructure services. Monitor stream sensor readings in real-time and be alerted to minor issues before they become major.


Monitor end-to-end and diagnose performance bottlenecks and any other potential issues before your business suffers a production impact. Set up scorecard dashboards that map perfectly to the nuances of your environment.

Microsoft SQL

Monitor real-time statistics about connections, inserts, queries, updates, deletes, queued reads and writes, flushes, memory usage, page faults, and more. Spend less time troubleshooting and more time innovating.

Value Chain

Build views that most accurately reflect the organisation your systems support. Map from a revenue and customer perspective and protect from revenue loss and brand damage.


Get full featured monitoring of your applications. Track Kubernetes metrics and events, and analyse the performance of your Docker containers.


The concept of monitoring a distributed systems environment is completely different to that of client/server. Use Atlastix to aggregate logs, events, and metrics to gain perfect visibility of application behaviour.

Advanced Monitoring 

Find the needle in the haystack 

Ingest from every device and every platform
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