Cyber Threat Intelligence

The key to detecting a threat can come from anywhere. So having a complete picture of what's going on across your systems in real time matters.

Every Single Data Source. One Place to Analyse.

Auth Logs

Automate and track the usage, and attempted usage, of every single system across your environment.  Store all related messages, and leverage machine learning to alert on anomalies.

Audit Data

Dramatically improve your security posture and advanced threat detection. Store every relevant data point and stop paying outdated license fees for the privilage.


Threats to DNS make it the second most exploited infrastructure system by cyber criminals. Monitor for changes, monitor for uptime, be alerted when a threat exists.


NetFlow monitoring provides detailed network traffic analysis and reporting. It has long been one of the key elements of monitoring to maintain a reliable and available IT landscape. Leverage enriched data feeds and machine learning to further enhance your ability to monitor and protect. 

Compliance Reporting in Real-Time

Leverage pre-built dashboards and reports for common compliance regulations, including PCI-DSS, Sarbanes Oxley, GDPR, NERC CIP, and others. 


Ensuring you are compliant with PCI DSS avoids costly security breaches, cardholder costs, and brand damage. Leverage our PCI DSS module to monitor for compliance against requirements and automatically send alerts per milestone.


Leverage the powerful correlation and analysis engine for real-time alerting and active response for log analysis, file integrity checking, windows registry monitoring, centralised policy enforcement, and rootkit detection. 

Active Response

Active response automates time-critical actions when threats are detected. Remedial actions include firewall block or drop, traffic shaping or throttling, account lockout and more.

Fast & Effective Threat Hunting

Use Atlastix to quickly find answers across petabytes of data. Track down bad actors, quickly understand path to resolution, and maintain records for audit.

User & Entity Behavioural Analytics

Store, analyse, alert on any and all anomalous behaviour, both within your internal systems and across every SAAS vendor in your landscape.

Find the needle in the Haystack 

Ingest from every device and every platform
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