Advanced Operational Intelligence 

Predict and reduce outages. Eliminate revenue leakage and brand damage.

One Platform. Every Single Data Point. 

Centralise, Transform & Automate

Ingest from every chosen source internal and external to your organisation. With all data in one place, you can finally gain centralised visibility and control.

User & Entity Behavioural Analytics

Store, analyse, alert on any and all anomalous behaviour, both within your internal systems and across every SAAS vendor in your landscape.

Application Performance Monitoring

See the bigger picture and combine application performance monitoring with end to end visibility from customer to underlying infrastructure, on prem and in the cloud.

Compliance Reporting in Real-Time

Leverage pre-built dashboards and reports for common compliance regulations, including PCI-DSS, Sarbanes Oxley, GDPR, NERC CIP, and others. 

Structured & Unstructured

Your data is siloed across systems in all manner of formats. Easily ingest from log stores, system metrics, web applications, public cloud IAAS PAAS and SAAS, all in continuous streaming format.

Parse and Transform

Now you can parse and transform on the fly, converging data centrally in a way that accelerates search, analysis, machine learning, and business insights.

Store Everything

No longer panic about the enormous ingest costs charged by legacy vendors. The key to detecting a threat is having access to all data in a searchable format. 

Be Alerted & Know How to Act

Don't spend your days staring at our beautiful dashboards. Configure alerts to arrive in email, or sms, or directly into your service management toolsets.

Take the Right Action at the Right Time

Surface incidents from every corner of your environment. Whether they're security related, user specific, or system performance based, never miss taking the right action when it's called for. 

Fast & Effective Threat Hunting

Use Atlastix to quickly find answers across petabytes of data. Track down bad actors, quickly understand path to resolution, and maintain records for audit.

Anomaly Detection made simple

Advanced Operational Intelligence.

Ingest from every device and every platform
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