Network Performance Monitoring

We revolutionize network performance monitoring by leveraging the full spectrum of network data sources, including NetFlow, SNMP, Syslog, network traces, and more, to provide unparalleled visibility and insights into your network infrastructure.

Holistic Data Integration

Seamlessly ingest data from diverse sources like NetFlow for traffic analysis, SNMP for device monitoring, Syslog for event logging, and network traces for in-depth packet analysis. This comprehensive data collection ensures a 360-degree view of network performance.

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AI-Driven Anomaly Detection

Utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze network traffic patterns and detect anomalies in real-time. Our platform identifies deviations from normal behavior, flagging potential issues before they escalate into critical problems.

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AI-Driven Network Analytics

Go beyond real-time analysis with predictive analytics that forecast future network performance issues based on historical data and trending patterns. This proactive approach allows for anticipatory adjustments and optimizations, ensure peak performance to support your users an customers.

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Automated Root Cause Analysis

Employ AI to automatically analyze incidents and pinpoint their root causes, drastically reducing mean time to resolution(MTTR). This feature simplifies troubleshooting by providing clear insights into underlying issues affecting network performance.

Seamless Integration with Service Management

Integrate network performance monitoring insights directly with your service management processes and tools. Automatically generate tickets, document anomalies, and initiate workflows based on AI-driven analysis.

All built on a groundbreaking platform

Our AI-native observability platform transforms network performance monitoring into a strategic asset for IT operations, offering deep insights, proactive problem resolution, and enhanced operational efficiency. By leveraging the full potential of AI and integrating comprehensive network data-sources, we empower organizations to not only monitor but truly understand and optimize their network infrastructure.

SRE Co-Pilot

Your AI Team Leader that helps you transform operations.

AI Native

Built from the ground up with AI at the core.

Autonomous RCA

Supercharge your teams with fully automated root cause analysis.

Unlimited Logging

Comprehensive visibility without the constraints of logging limits or caps.

Real-time Inferencing

Welcome to the dawn of a new age in Observability.

Advanced Integrations

Transform hyperscale raw data into actionable intelligence.

Blazing Fast Search

Not that you need it anymore with real-time anomaly detection.

10X Reduction in MTTR

Streamlined and automated incident triage and RCA.

Natural Language Playbooks

Revolutionize troubleshooting with dynamic recommendations.

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