Ecosystem Health Assessment

Atlastix redefines the approach to ecosystem health assessments by embedding artificial intelligence into the heart of systemic analysis. This transformative strategy ensures organizations can proactively manage and optimize their digital ecosystems with unparalleled precision.

Comprehensive Cross-Platform Visibility

Gain an all-encompassing view of your IT landscape, from applications and databases to infrastructure and network components. Our platform aggregates data across all layers, providing a holistic perspective on ecosystem health and identifying areas of concern before they impact performance or availability.

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Dependency Mapping

Understanding the intricate web of dependencies within your ecosystem is crucial for maintaining system health. Our platform utilizes AI to dynamically map and visualize dependencies, highlighting potential vulnerability points and ensuring that changes or issues in one area don’t unexpectedly disrupt other parts of the ecosystem.

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Performance & Capacity Optimization

Ensure your ecosystem operates at peak efficiency with AI-guided performance and capacity optimization. Our platform analyzes utilization patterns and workload distribution to recommend optimizations that enhance performance, reduce costs, and align resource allocation with actual needs.

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Custom Health Dashboards

Tailor dashboards and reports to focus on key health indicators and metrics that matter most to your organization. Our platform allows for the customization of visualization tools, ensuring stakeholders have immediate access to the insights required to make informed decisions about ecosystem health.

Seamless Integration with Service Management

Integrate health assessment results and monitoring insights directly with your service management processes and tools. Automatically generate tickets, document anomalies, and initiate workflows based on AI-driven analysis.

All built on a groundbreaking platform

By leveraging our AI-native observability platform for ecosystem health assessments, organizations can assure the integrity, performance, and security of their digital environments. This proactive and intelligent approach not only safeguards operational continuity but also supports strategic decision-making, driving long-term success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

SRE Co-Pilot

Your AI Team Leader that helps you transform operations.

AI Native

Built from the ground up with AI at the core.

Autonomous RCA

Supercharge your teams with fully automated root cause analysis.

Unlimited Logging

Comprehensive visibility without the constraints of logging limits or caps.

Real-time Inferencing

Welcome to the dawn of a new age in Observability.

Advanced Integrations

Transform hyperscale raw data into actionable intelligence.

Blazing Fast Search

Not that you need it anymore with real-time anomaly detection.

10X Reduction in MTTR

Streamlined and automated incident triage and RCA.

Natural Language Playbooks

Revolutionize troubleshooting with dynamic recommendations.

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